We are looking to re-opening the Center and getting things back to normal. That will take some time as us “old timers” will take to do such a thing! We do miss the various activities that kept us busy and active.
We are still in the current lunch program. Those involved know the drill. OCTN is looking for a cook and assistant cook for Oroville. The menu for Thu. 6/17 is Roast Beef and gravy. Tue. 6/22 - Chicken Caesar Salad and Thu. 6/24 - Mac and Cheese w/bacon. Donations will be welcome. Suggested amount of $4.00 per meal will remain. Full cost of a meal is $10.00. Individuals under 60 must pay the full cost of the meal.
Foot Care service is available at the Oroville Senior Center. Call Kristina at (518) 450-8454 to set up an appointment.

Until next week. Raleigh Chinn, Senior Reporter