As we get older we need to work at being as active as we can. Whether walking just a few laps around the house, or better outside if the weather permits. Set some goals and work at increasing them on a regular basis.

We saw some seniors (and others) getting booster shots this past week, too. Good work!

We, at the Center, are moving forward to upgrading the windows in the back room and kitchen. Those single pane aluminum windows are a pain and have to go!

The lunch menu for Thu. 10/28 - Broccoli Chicken Bake. Tue. 11/2 - Shepherd’s Pie and Thu. Nov. 4th - Baked Ham. For lunch orders, you must call in by 9:00 a.m. - 476-2412. Suggested cost for seniors is $4.00 per meal. Full cost of a meal is $10.00. Individuals under 60 must pay the full cost.

Check out our website at: or see our Facebook page at: Oroville - WA Senior Citizens.

Remember - Life is Uncertain - Eat Dessert First!

Until next week. Raleigh Chinn, Senior Reporter.