Lunch Service at the Oroville Senior Center will be changing! Effective August 1st - lunches will be able to be picked up as well as being available for sit down service in the Center building with conditions. You will have to check the details by calling (509) 476-2412.  We also will post details on the front door and on our Facebook page as soon as possible.

The posted lunch menu for takeout only for Thu. 7/22  is CLOSED. Tue. 7/27 - Beaf Stew and Thu. 7/29 -  Sweet and Sour Meatballs.

Next Foot Care by Kristina is scheduled for Wednesday, July 28th in the dining room area. Call Kristina at (518) 450-8454 to set up an appointment.

Until next week. Raleigh Chinn, Senior Reporter