Happy New Year! There are going to be some changes made!
Effective January 1st - OCTN lunches in Oroville will only be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, mainly due to a cook shortage. The menu looks like this:
Thu. 12/31 - Hearty Turkey Noodle Soup. Tues. 1/5 - Broccoli Chicken Bake. Thur. 1/7 - Kielbasa with Peppers & Onions. Tue. 1/12 - Biscuits and Gravy and Thu. 1/14 - Yankee Pot Roast.
Money will now be accepted for said meals at $4.00 for 65 and older. $8.50 for others.


Until next week. Raleigh Chinn, Senior Reporter